All You Need To Know About Viburnum Odoratissimum (Sweet Viburnum)

Viburnum Odoratissimum Sweet Viburnum is really a plant characterised by significant, darkish inexperienced, shiny leaves with springtime clusters of quite fragrant, tiny, white bouquets. This eruption of bouquets is often followed by small, pink berries turning black when ripe.

Plant Description

The Environmental Horticulture Division from the University of Florida offers an in depth description within an Oct 1994 Publication. For starters, the scientific identify of this plant is Viburnum odoratissimum, nevertheless it is usually called Sweet Viburnum. It originates within the Caprifoliaceae family.

This plant features a peak starting from twenty five to 30 ft and a 15 to 25 ft distribute. In addition, it possesses a symmetrical canopy in addition to a easy outline, although it has a slow growth level. You may establish it from its broad (4 to eight inches length), evergreen, elliptic (oval) leaves in reverse/ subopposite arrangements. As it's evergreen, you won't witness any fall coloration change.

A different crucial aspect would be the white bouquets bearing a pleasing fragrance plus the round, fleshy, black/ pink fruit which aren't greater than 0 .five inches in duration. Even though it necessitates pruning to be able to produce a powerful structure, You'll have to be mindful with it as it has a thin bark, which may be quickly damaged by mechanical affect. Fortunately, it grows primarily upright without any drooping and it doesn't have any of All those pesky thorns.

Makes use of

If you want a display or clipped hedge, this plant is a sensible choice. Its dense, spreading, evergreen nature and multi-branched, rounded canopy also can make it ideal as a little tree. The truth is, landscape architects can apply it in urban and suburban landscapes.

This adaptable tree has actually been really successful in urban spots characterized by air air pollution, compacted soil, poor drainage and drought. Here is an inventory of various other works by using:

- large parking zone islands (more than 200 square toes in dimension) - container/ higher than-ground planter - extensive tree lawns (greater than six toes broad) - medium-sized parking zone islands (a hundred to two hundred square feet in dimensions) - buffer strips around parking plenty and median strip plantings on the highway - medium-sized tree lawns (four to six toes wide) - around decks or patios - shade trees - slim tree lawns Prevod sa srpskog na engleski jezik (three to four toes broad) - modest car parking zone islands (lower than one hundred square ft in dimensions) - specimen - household Avenue tree - sidewalk cutout/ tree pit


You won't require to fret an excessive amount of about pests, given that this type of tree is reasonably pest-no cost. However, there exist numerous varieties of vermin that you'll have to Be careful for. The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences provides a sample of this kind of pests which consist of:

- Viburnum aphid: A gray to dim environmentally friendly pest that feeds in clusters. You can find it on the tips of branches. These types of aphids commonly bring about minimal injury, aside from creating leaf curl. An easy technique to dislodge these insects is spraying them with substantial stress h2o out of your garden hose. - Scale infestations: When you observe any unhealthy-wanting vegetation, inspect the stems for this infestation. If found, spraying with horticultural oil will present some Management. - Thrips, white-fly, mites, sooty mold and bagworms might also infest your plant. None of these would be far too severe.

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